Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Set and Keep Your Goals

Check out the latest episode on getting ready for those New Year's Resolutions on YBR Radio here! Learn the key steps to set and keep your goals!

To Your Success,
Alecia D.

Friday, December 12, 2008

How To Be the Best Worker Bee You Can Be... (or something like that)

I recently received an email from a YBR subscriber who commented that although she enjoys the information that YBR provides, she feels as though it is mostly geared toward entrenpreneurs and not for your average "worker bee" employee.

I must admit that while my hope and personal goal is that I, as well as all YBR women eventually become full time entrepreneurs, I do understand that this is not the goal for everyone.

Check out some tips on how to be the best employee you can be!

Tip 1: Get clear on your goals and objectives with your boss. Communication is key in any relationship and this includes your relationship with your boss. Many times, employees view their bosses as and all-knowing, all-powerful being that doesn't care anything about our opinions or desires. Although, this may be true some of the time, this is not the case of all bosses and the truth is you will never know until you open the lines of communication. Make sure that your boss knows exactly what your plans are for your career. Don't assume that he/she knows that you want that next raise or promotion. It may seem like common sense to you, but I've seen many people get looked over for many years simply because they did not make their intentions known to their supervisor.

Tip 2: Become an expert at time managment and productivity. One of the biggest complaints that employees have is that they feel overwhelmed with all of the tasks they are assigned on a daily basis. I know how stressful it can be when you are assigned ad hoc projects and reports to complete in addition to your daily functions. Noone likes being stuck at work until midnight trying to finish these tasks. It is important that you limit distractions (like checking personal email and surfing the internet) during your work day. Instead, focus on blocking out time where you can go through your tasks and responsibilities. Focus on one task at a time and don't wait for the last minute to tackle a big project.
The most important point to note is that although you may not be the CEO or President of the company you work for, you are still an important asset to the success of that business. Take pride in the work you are assigned and always put your best foot forward. It won't be long until you are recognized for your talents.
To Your Success,
Alecia D.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attract Success by Saying YES!

Attract Success by Saying YES!

Everything in the Universe is made of energy from the tiniest grain of sand to an elephant living in Africa. This includes words. Every word in our vocabulary carries a specific vibration that is unique to each person and situation.

What are some of your favorite words or expressions? How do you feel when you say them? Do you have sayings or expressions that cause you to feel negatively and thus create negative situations?

There are three words in the English language that you say at least 2,000 times each day. And these words are the biggest roadblocks between you and your desires.

Want to know what they are?

They are: don’t, not and no.

Keep in mind to concept of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that reminds us that like energy attracts like energy. The Law of Attraction brings you more of what you put your attention, energy and focus towards. So whenever you say no to something you are actually saying yes to it.


Let me explain a little more.

Consider the statement, “I am not going to fail at this.” Where is your attention? It was on failure, right?

As you think about failure and feel what it’s like to be a failure the Law of Attraction matches your vibration with more opportunities to fail.

How else could you say “I am not going to fail at this?” Try, “I am successful!” That will give the Law of Attraction something wonderful to work with.

How about the thought “I don’t like negative people.” Or “I don’t want to go broke”. Are you beginning to understand how our language habits directly affect success in all areas of our life?

Let’s examine the word no. Say the word NO out loud. How does it make you feel? Does the word no allow for any possibilities? Do you feel any positive energy when you say or think no? Can you put a genuine smile on your face and say the word no?

I think that this simple two letter word is the single largest barrier between you and the successful manifestation of your desires. Take note of how many times you say no throughout the day. You will be shocked. Listen to other people. How much of their energy do they focus on saying “no” and “I don’t like that”?

Here are a couple of tools that can completely change your life around.

Tool 1: Whenever you catch your self saying “I don’t want ___” STOP! Then ask your self, well, what do I want? This is deceptively simple but can have life changing results.

Tool 2: Just say Yes!! Say the word yes out loud. It has a wonderfully positive feeling, doesn’t it? Whenever you say no to something, realize that you have the opportunity to say yes to its alternative. Say yes instead!!

Instead of saying, “No, I don’t want to go to the movies”, say “I would rather go out to dinner.” What are you saying “no” to right now in your life? Take the time to say yes to its alternative and successfully bring that into your life.

Saying yes is an incredible manifestation tool!! Use it regularly and create amazing results.

Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Get Over the Monday Blues

It's Monday morning.. the proclaimed.. "worst day of the week". It's the day when we have to trade in our leisure time for serious time. The day we have to wake up at the crack of dawn to begin our five-day ritual of commuting, connecting, and...complaining.

How do you approach this inevitable time of the week? Do you start your week crying, kicking, and screaming? If so, the list below is for you. Check out these tips to instantly change Mondays from your worst day to your best day of the week!

Choose a ritual you enjoy and schedule it on Mondays. Do you love giving yourself a manicure or pedicure? Do you have a weekly hair appointment? Or maybe your favorite thing to do is cook yourself an all out three course meal complete with a delicious glass of wine. Whatever your most favorable activity is, make sure to schedule it on the first day of the week. This will give you something to look forward to and bring a splash of fabulousness to this previously dreadful day. I love to watch shows on demand that I've missed during the week. I used to catch up on these shows on Sundays, now I watch them on Mondays and it helps me to unwind after a long, stressful day at work.

Grab 20 minutes of alone time for deep thought and relaxation. Some call it meditation, some call it prayer. Whatever you call it, just make sure you do it! Taking some time to yourself can prove to do wonders to improve your mood and all around disposition. Use the time to reflect on what you want for your day, your week, and/or your life. Find a quiet place where you can be left alone for at least twenty minutes and just close your eyes and breathe deeply. Think about whatever you wish as long as what you think about does not stress you out. I've noticed that when I meditate on Monday mornings, the day goes much more smoothly for me and I am less tense and stressed out during the course of my day.

Change your thoughts toward the day. Although, the above tips should definitely help you in getting over your Monday blues, the most important tip and the one that will truly determine how successful you are in general- is changing your thoughts from negative to positive ones! Let this be the last day you think about Mondays as a horrible day and the "worst day of the week". Instead, think of them as a chance for a fresh start and new beginnings. A time when you can start the process all over again and put your best foot forward.

Happy Monday!

To Your Success,

Alecia D.

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