Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whose Goals are These Anyway?

I found this excerpt from a blog post by The UrbanMonk on Zenhabits.net . It really struck a cord with me as I read it because it made me re-think my own goals and passion. The current state of our economy has given many people the opportunity to think about where they currently are, what their Plan B would be in case something happens to their job, and what is really important in their lives. As people lose their homes or their jobs they are stuck reassessing their priorities. Many are finding that those things that were once important to them are no longer a big deal. What would you do if you gave upwards of 15, 20 years to a job that in turn showed you how much they appreciated your loyalty by laying you off?

One important way to make sure you are on the right path and doing what you should be is to constantly assess your goals to make sure what you are doing is staying true to yourself and your well being. Check out the excerpt below!

Are Your Goals Yours?

This statement is everywhere, and yet it is ignored so often that it bears repeating: Your purpose is your own. No one can cramp themselves into another person’s definition of happiness and success and, well, expect to be happy and successful.

The difficulties arise at this point, because of our natural reactions: “Of course I am pursuing my own passion!” But are we?

Where do our ideas of success come from? Our parents, or the media, perhaps. Maybe society in general. Be rich; be handsome; be beautiful; be famous. Are these really your goals? Where did they really come from? Can you be absolutely sure that these things will make you happy? I’m not saying yes or no, I’m just asking. It is possible that these things truly do make you happy.

Want to make sure you are following your passion? Read more here.

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Alecia D.

Friday, March 6, 2009

YBR Radio: One on One Interview with Social Media Expert, Leesa Barnes


Named as one of the Top 10 Influential Women in Social Media, Leesa Barnes is an award winning blogger, social media expert and author of Podcasting for Profit. She is President of Caprica Interactive Marketing, a training and development company that teaches businesses how to get active with social media in 3 easy steps using the Marketing Fit system.

Join me this Sunday at 1:30 pm as we have an exclusive one on one interview with this Social Media Expert! Learn about Leesa's journey to the top and also find out tips on getting your business noticed using Social Media.

Check it out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

10 Savvy Saving Tips (From Essence.com)

1. Don't spend it all.
Save $1 every time you break a $5 bill, or save $5 when breaking larger bills.

2. Become a coin collector. Deposit all your loose change from your purchases, pockets or drawers into a savings account. Also, consider Bank of
America's Keep the Change program. Each of your check-card purchases is
rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference is transferred from your
checking to your savings account.

3. Make digital deposits. To establish a pool of money, have a fixed amount
deducted and transferred directly from your payroll monthly," says Patricia
M. Barksdale, vice-president and wealth management adviser for Merrill
Lynch. Save $25 a week and you'll gain $1,300 by the end of the year.

4. Click for coupon savings. Check Couponmom.com to track when your favorite products go on sale and find out how to cut your groceries in half. Print
e-coupons and blog to find out secret savings tips.

5. Start charging. Make adult children pay rent, says credit and debt expert
Harrine Freeman. This will teach them financial independence and lessen your debt.

6. Brown-bag it. Eat breakfast at home and bring lunch and snacks to work. Then deposit the money you save in a savings account. That could easily add up to $60 a week (or $3,120 a year), depending on how much you typically spend.

7. Find freebies. The library, museums, community events, and even happy hours all offer fun on the cheap. Check your city or town's Web site for details.

8. Shop resale. Try garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and the Goodwill (this works great in high-end neighborhoods). You'd be amazed at how many $1-$5 finds that can save you hundreds each month on everything from clothes to TVs to furniture.

9. Split the tab. Slash your gas and shopping bill in half! Share trips to Costco's or BJ's, car rides to work, or cab rides in the city with friends or work buddies.

10. Barter with buddies. If you know how to cook and your BFF is a tax whiz, offer to make her a great meal while she computes your assets and liabilities. This can be done with friends and colleagues alike. If you don't know anyone who can take advantage of your skills, go to Craigslist.org for leads.


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