Monday, February 16, 2009

Keeping Your Composure in Today's Economy

We're only a couple months into 2009 and I've probably already heard the word "recession" 2,457,393 times.  Is it just me or are you tired of hearing about all of the economic negativity? It's getting so bad that I am now deciding whether or not I should boycott television and radio altogether.

Yes, we're in a recession.  Yes, there were 500,000+ jobs lost last year.  And yes, we have no clue why the government wants to throw another 700 billion dollars at Wall Street.  However, as much as we cry, complain, and get angry about what's going on...the fact still remains that our economy is in crisis.

Instead of thinking of all of the things that have gone wrong and all of the things that could still possibly go wrong, why not use that energy to try and figure out how we can take control of our own situation and make things better for ourselves and our families.

1. If you are one of those individuals who have recently lost your job, think of new ways to create cash flow.  Since being an employee is not the most desirable or attainable method at the moment, why not think of ways to become an entrepreneur?  There are many resources out there today on how you can turn your passion into profit with little or no start up capital.  It is a documented phenomenon that during times of economic crisis, the rates of entrepreneurs soars as people begin to find ways to take control of their own finances.  Check out my latest podcast here on how to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

2. Limit the amount of time you spend watching the news.  Believe it or not, the media plays a huge role in fueling the feelings of negativity and despair that many people are facing today.  If we are constantly being bombarded with words and images about being broke, destitute, poor, and hopeless then we will begin to internalize these thoughts before long.  Make a deliberate effort to focus on the positive opportunities that are out there for you and your family instead of those negative ones that we are being force-fed daily.

3.  Realize that the good times are almost here.  The economy, like most life processes, is cyclical in nature.  We are no doubt experiencing the most unprecedented recession of our lives, however, it is only one part of the bigger picture and eventually the tide will be pushed back and we will see prosperous times once more.  What we can do during this time is learn from the mistakes we've made over the past years and put new processes in place to assure that we are adequately prepared for the next downturn.

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