Friday, March 5, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Tip of the week - Have Fashion Patience

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You see that $100 dress that you “LIKE” – sure you want to buy it right away before anyone else has it-- but if you wait a week or so, it just might go on sale or if you do some more research, you may find a dress just as nice for less. Now, I’m not saying don’t treat yourself and buy what you like but if you shop on a regular basis, spending more money than you have to, only limits your spending power in the future. I know I hate to see something I just bought go on sale a couple days later. Just have a little patience.

-Ms. Frugal

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Ms Frugal (aka Jamila M. from is a 27 year old sista who is definitely financially savvy. She is an entrepreneur, corporate employee, and fashionista.. all on a budget! Ms. Frugal even managed to buy her first home in NYC at the age of 23! (Anyone who lives in the NYC area knows that this is no small feat)


Jweezy said...

Great Tip, I like this Jamila girl,she knows her stuff

Shaleia said...

Definitely true.

Alot of times when you see dresses on the award shoes the cheaper version is sent out to stores the following day. The whole reason for fashion shows is for replicas to be made. So that 1,000 dress can be found in stores for 400.

Anonymous said...

I HATE when I see something on sale a week after I bought it!! urgh.. it really makes my blood boil..

Anonymous said...

I always wait.. but once i got these shoes form steve madden and they was $129 and in a week they went down to 72 bucks. i was sooo mad.. but wateves, atlest i had free shippin..

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